Welcome to the Bakery and Catering Equipment Limited (BACEL) website.

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BACEL provides consultancy services and an extensive range of products for all catering and baking operations – from small family-run patisseries to large plant bakeries.

At BACEL, we work with each customer to understand your business first and then use our 45 years experience in the industry to help you select the right equipment to suit both your current needs and your future growth. This comes from both a Baking and an engineering Background.

Let us design your complete Bakery or Restaurant

  • Thinking of restaurant franchising?
    We can help standardize your menu, train your kitchen personnel and design the model.
  • Want to enter the retail market and manufacture sauces, dressings, etc. with your own label?
    We can help in all aspects.
  • Need help selecting the right restaurant or bakery equipment, supplies or ingredients?
    We have sources worldwide.
  • Global consulting services

There's no substitute for our experience:

  • Our bakers are Master Grade, our chefs classically trained
  • Opening Bakeries since 1976
  • Architects fully licensed
  • Professional Bakers & chefs each with over 40 years experience

We will work to carefully fit into your budget, providing a firm estimate of all costs.