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Parber Planetary Mixer - The PREMIER range

Manufactured under the strictest quality standards and with the finest materials, this range is heavy duty, durable and offers consistant speeds. All models CE aproved.

- Continuously variably speed.
- S/S safety protection.
- Fixed arm system.
- Compact dimensions.
- On request, 10 l. kit for PM 20.

- Continuously variably speed.
- S/S safety protection.
- Manual lifting of the bowl.
- Double security device.
- On demand, 20 l. kit for PM 40 and 30 l.
kit for PM 60.

Planetary Mixer
Parber Planetary Mixers (click to enlarge)


Pavoni - Planetary Mixers


The bench planetary mixer Pavomix is a professional machine of extreme compactness and solidity, made in aluminium casting.

Ideal as a working instrument for any kitchen, restoration point or for ice-cream shops, pastry laboratories, bakeries and pizzeria. Essential for all of gelaterie, those who want practical use
combined with functionality and efficiency.

0,75 kg. dough capacity

• Structure in aluminium casting  
• Tilting of head  
• Bowl in stainless steel
• Additional bowl available on demand
• Safety protection guard
• Micro-switch for automatic stopping of tool  
• Electronic variable speed  
• 3 tools: whisk, blade, hook  
• Stop/start buttons  
• Conformity with CE norms

Pavoni - Planetary Mixers
Pavoni Planetary Mixers (click to enlarge)