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Bocchini EOS Cabinets

EOS is the display cabinet with the revolutionary lighting system by optical fibers. In stylish structures, made up with high-tech materials, EOS encloses a light soul.

The optical fibers have a minimum size which allows the best utilization of every space. Moreover, they do not give off heat and have an amazing luminous intensity able to exalt the natural color of the food products displayed.

Young design, roominess and valuable materials, such as aluminum and steel, with a contemporary and high-tech look. Stratified safety glasses which eliminate the disadvantage of condensing vapor and which, since they do not break in case of crash, grant in any case the use of the display cabinets until their repair.

A wide range of display cabinets, available in two different heights (131 cm - 147,5 cm), that fits well every requirement for space and functionality.

Bocchini EOS Cabinets
Bocchini EOS Cabinets (click to enlarge)

Euro Soul -  Ventilated/Refigerated Cabinet

Standard version available in 1350mm lenght (end panels included), with condensing unit, provided with:
  • completely gold painted structure
  • refrigeration by ventilated forced air
  • hot gas defrosting system
  • three intermediate shelves with lighting
  • protected golden lighting; electronic control panel
  • evaporating drip pan
  • evaporator supplied with valve for gas R404
  • front bottom-hinged glasses and antimist system
  • rear glass sliding doors
  • integrated end panel that allows to put the cases side by side without breaking the aesthetical line off.
Euro Ventilated Refigerated Cabinet

Mondel Ventilated Wall Display

The range of back-counter display cases embodies Mondel’s
great  experience,  know  how  accrued  over  years  and  the
technical  expertise  of  our  staff.  

Many  models  with  unique aesthetic and technical characteristics offer infinite possibilities for all design, décor and functional requirements. High quality materials are selected with care.  

Workmanship is done with scrupulous precision and painstaking design to make sure that these back-counter display cases are synonymous for reliability and efficiency.

These  free-standing  or  wall-hung  display  cases  suggest
a  pleasing  aesthetic  impact,  giving  interiors  an  impeccable
sensation of order and cleanliness.

Mondel back-counter display cases, made to endure thanks
to high quality materials, are functional and help workers work in
a pleasing and easy to manage environment.

Refrigeration  components  are  skilfully  designed  in  order
to  preserve  foods  perfectly  and  display  them  in  all  their
Mondel Ventilated Wall Display (click to enlarge)

Mondel Display for Restaurants

Mondel,  for  those  who  want  high  impact  solutions  that ensure top performance in food preservation, offers a complete range of innovative and functional counters that can adapt to
all contexts and meet all requirements.

Mondel counters for restaurants use leading-edge temperature control technologies to ensure optimum freshness. They enhance the interiors where they are installed and make the food on display the true leading actor. They lend themselves to miscellaneous custom designs and can meet the widest variety of requirements and adapt, with elegance, to many different types of interiors.

Mondel counters for restaurants are designed for all types of foods, from live fish to meat, from cold cuts to cheeses. They are  functional,  comfortable,  easy  to  clean  and  manage  and
extremely versatile.

Mondel counters truly blend design and technology. They always enhance the interiors where they are inserted while they ensure, at the same time, great simplicity of use and excellent
food preservation.
Mondel Display for Restaurants (click to enlarge)