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Agriflex - Powder Silos - High Tenacity Trevira & Stainless Steel

  • Silos made from high tenacity “Trevira” fabric – for indoor applications
The silos made from “HIGH TENACITY TREVIRA” fabric are water-tight, and are designed for the storage of food powders: the upper part of the sack acts as a filter, and the supporting structure in galvanised steel is made of interlocking joints. All silos are made-to-measure, in order to best utilise the space available to the client, the silos are then assembled on-site. The “HIGH TENACITY TREVIRA” fabric guarantees that the stored flour is optimally oxygenated and that it flows freely.

The silos are constructed in different models, measurements and volumes from 5m³to 60m³.

  • Silos made of stainless steel in panels with a fluidized base.
These silos are ideal for indoor environments with limited height. They are constructed using stainless steel with an inclined base from 12° - 15° depending on the model. The angle of the incline is chosen in order to obtain the volume in relation to the space available. The base/ hopper of the silo is fluidized with compressed air to ensure the complete emptying of the stored flour. The upper part is constructed in filtering fabric, on the front side there is a pipe for the loading of the silo, below this pipe is a plexiglass window that allows a view inside the silo and doubles as a door into the silo for twice yearly cleaning.

The silos are constructed in different heights and base measurements with volumes from 5m³to 40m³.

Agriflex - Powder Silo High Tenacity Trevira

Agriflex - Powder Silo High Tenacity Trevira (click to enlarge)