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Iba major

Iba major is a fixed bowl spiral mixer for weights from 80 to 200 kg of dough. The machine is equipped with two motors, bowl reversal, blade shaft, safety grids and two timed speeds.

This type of minxer, particularly suitable for bakeries and pastries, may be used in pizzeria too.

This machine is installed on wheels and is equipped with levelling feet.

The mixer complies with the latest EC standards.
Spiral Mixer Iba Major (click to enlarge)

Iba major RB/RD

Iba major RB/RD is a spiral mixer machine with fixed bowl and lifter from 80 to 200 kg of dough. The machine has two motors, bowl reversing facility and two timed speeds.

The machine is lifted in position to discharge the dough on a work bench (RB)or into the hopper of a volumetric divider(RD) and the colun lifter works with an oleodynamic cylinder.

The V-belt transmission, direct for the arm and geared-down for the bowl, uses trapezoidal belts to eliminate vibrations and noise. All movement are assembled on bearings.
Iba major RB/RD spiral mixer machine