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Dropping machine EASYDROP - Painted Version


With the model EASYDROP is realized the cheapest automatic dropping machine for pastry present in the world market.

Suitable for the production of butter cookies and other pastry products (shortbread biscuits, almond pastries, meringues, lady’s fingers, macaroons, cream puffs, sponge cakes, baba, plum cakes, muffins, etc.) the model EASYDROP is supplied with the following standard equipment:

- Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch with the dough
- Couple of hopper adaptors for soft pastries
- Stationary mould and two sets of bronze nozzles

Moreover it is possible to equip the machine with:
- Dosing unit gears pump type for fluid pastries
- Moulds for the production of sponge cake, plum cakes, muffins, lady’s fingers, madeleines, etc.
- Bronze multiple nozzles

Dropping machine EASYDROP - Painted Version (click to enlarge)